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Waterway Restoration Project - Raupo Mahi Awa

Using drones to capture imagery and data which is then processed, resulting in a number of unique and highly detailed products.

2D Orthomosaic Mapping


Orthomosaic mapping is similar to a Google Earth map but with much more detail and up to date. It is a map produced by meshing together a multitude of high quality, high resolution images captured by the drone camera. This results in a high definition map with incredible detail. 


Examples of the use of orthomosaic maps:

  • Monitor the progress of projects, both small and large. It is a quick and safe way of getting an overview of the project and how much progress is being made over time.

  • Accurately measure features and structures on the ground. This is particularly helpful for planning of features like fence lines, mass planting of trees and vegetation, extensions to existing structures, etc. Due to the accuracy of the map, almost exact measurements can be taken to enable costing of these types of projects. 

  • Identify and measure areas of existing, and potential, soil erosion or slips. These can be monitored, and any remedial action tracked for effectiveness. 

  • Farmland mapping. The use of these maps is extensive, but can include planning and monitoring of waterway rehabilitation, crops and pasture lands. There is also the ability to count the number of plants germinated to assess successful propagation. 


Elevation Analysis


Some of the applications are:

  • A colour graded elevation map of the area. 

  • A topographical contour type map or overlay. 


These types of maps are useful to determine water run off gradients, and to evaluate areas with very steep slopes. 


Plant Health


The imagery produced by a drone flight over crops can be used to produce a crop health report. This can be a basic overview of plant health achieved by using the imagery captured by the standard drone camera, or a much more detailed assessment making use of a specialised multi spectrum camera. This will enable the user to identify, and treat, areas of poor plant health caused by lack of nutrients or pest infestations. 

Waterway rehabilitation map
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